Max Klinger: The Print Sequence

Opus IX: Dramas

6. August to 7. December 2014

The socially critical realism found in the 10-part cycle in Opus IX, published 1883, apportions it a special role in Max Klinger's work. In it he portrays individual fates as a mirror of social circumstances, revealing a cultural view that is distinctly pessimistic. . … read more

Trench Studio

Max Beckmann, Hans Alexander Müller and Alfred Frank sketch the First World War

4. September to 9. November 2014

Two students of the Leipzig at Academy, Hans Alexander Müller and Alfred Frank, are featured for the first time in an exhibition together with Max Beckmann. Their biographical similarities are based on a previously unknown fact: in their art, Beckmann, Müller and Frank documented the events of the First World War at almost the exact time and practically in the same place, 1915 along the Flanders front near Ypres. The exhibition contrasts their sketches from the trenches with aerial views and war photographs from the region around Ypres. … read more