14. February to 29. May 2016

Arranged in scenic constellation, the exhibition presents works that investigate misunderstandings and absurdities surrounding beliefs, superstitions, fetishes, aura, knowledge and reason. Applying an extraordinarily cryptic yet humorous touch, Via Lewandowsky asks what shapes our perception … read more


Houses Rooms Voices

14. February to 29. May 2016

The exhibition open urban spaces that encourage onlookers to take action, to make a statement. At the heart of the exhibition we find the photographs shot between 1990 and 2004 as part of the Ortszeit project, for which Koppelkamm embarked 1990 on a trip through east Germany. … read more

CREDO – Church In the GDR

Harald Kirschner

22. May to 28. August 2016

Traditional celebrations, pilgrimages, jubilees, Catholic congresses, congregational life and ecumenical practices form the backbone of this exhibition. Kirschner developed his own language of images in the GDR, in which his artistic work focuses on human beings and their portraits. … read more