Max Klinger. Opus VIII

A Life

2. April to 3. August 2014

In Opus VIII "A Life", completed between 1880 and 1884, Klinger once more turns to the historically traditional path of female suffering. Whereas he used the Bible as a ‘literary template’ in ‘Eve and the Future’, in ‘A Life’ he traces the universal situation of the female sex on the basis of one single fate and assisted by allegories resulting from his own fatalistic worldview. In this, Klinger is one of the first German artists to approach … read more

Turning the inside out. Sculpture in Schaulager

26. March to 24. August 2014

The traditional mainstays of museum work cover collecting, communicating, researching, exhibiting and conserving. But visitors rarely have the opportunity to gain insight into the work involved in conservation. The Leipzig Museum of Fine Art has a broadly diverse collection of sculptures from various epochs and artists in addition to its paintings, graphics and illustrations. The lion’s share of these sculptures are located in the stack room where they can be the kept safely under ideal climactic conditions. This exhibition, held in the cabinet rooms and designed in stack room-style, provides a tangible experience of how sculptures are ordered and stored. Irrespective of their dating or the style of art, late Gothic Madonnas … read more