Leidener Meister, Porträt Gerbrant Buyck, 1601, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

Barent Avercamp, Eislandschaft, 1655, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

The Best of Dutch in Leipzig

February 26 to June 16, 20122

The exhibition covers a selection of roughly 100 paintings
and 40 choice sketches from the museum’s collection and
therefore offers a representative overview of the Golden Age
in Dutch painting.
The exhibition was occasioned by the publication of “Dutch
Painting 1440 – 1700 in the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts”,
an academic inventory catalogue. It presents particularly
revealing results of the restoration and technical analyses
conducted on the paintings in this context. For instance, it
permits a reconstruction of the stages in which individual
paintings were created. Equally, it brings back to life those
personalities whose interest and passion nurtured the
acquisition of Dutch paintings in the 17th century and who
made a significant contribution to the museum’s collection.
At the same time, the museum’s gallery rooms will feature
masterpieces taken from the Old Pinacotheca’s stocks in