Opus XIII: About Death. Second Part

16. December to 17. April 2016

The “Brahmsfantasy”, first printed in Leipzig 1894, is based on compositions by Johannes Brahms. Max Klinger, himself a keen musician, admired Brahms, 24 years his senior. In “About Death”, Klinger returned to the theme of death he had already visited in his Opus XI. His work on this cycle occupied him for 25 years. Klinger himself wrote: “I am attempting to add a larger, wider form, in which the grand principles and the inner catharsis clash with the petty coincidences and the outward terror to enable a harmonious conclusion.” … read more

Eugène Delacroix &
Paul Delaroche

History as a sensation

11. October to 17. January 2016

Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) and Paul Delaroche (1797-1856) number amongst the most significant historic painters of the 19th century in France, with their historic paintings causing a stir in the Paris Salon from around 1820 onwards. Although Delaroche has slipped into near obscurity in the meantime and Delacroix is regarded as the more modern of the two, Delaroche won far greater recognition from his contemporaries for his startling realism in the depiction of historical events. For the first time, these two artists are now to be contrasted with one another in one exhibition. The depiction of history in the era from 1820 to 1850 was influenced to a large extent by the experience of major social upheavals following hard on the heels of each other (French Revolution 1789, rise and fall of Napoleon, the restoration, the revolutions of 1830 and 1848). Under the influence of the romantic current pervading literature and the establishment of the science of history, both painters placed the emotional effect of history in the … read more


11th Art Award of the Leipziger Volkszeitung

28. November to 28. February 2016

Owen Gump, born 1980 in California and now mainly resident of Berlin, initially studied under Thomas Ruff and Walter Nikkels at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, before continuing his education with Peter Piller at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Owen Gump’s photographs invite viewers to perceive the landscapes of the American West – the desert of Nevada, the coastline of California – not as an apparent visual manifestation of natural beauty, and instead to recognise in them all that has been carved into their surfaces, and the traces of use that these expanses of land carry, whether visible or hidden. … read more



14. February to 29. May 2016

Arranged in scenic constellation, the exhibition presents works that investigate misunderstandings and absurdities surrounding beliefs, superstitions, fetishes, aura, knowledge and reason. Applying an extraordinarily cryptic yet humorous touch, Via Lewandowsky asks what shapes our perception … read more


Houses Rooms Voices

14. February to 29. May 2016

The exhibition open urban spaces that encourage onlookers to take action, to make a statement. At the heart of the exhibition we find the photographs shot between 1990 and 2004 as part of the Ortszeit project, for which Koppelkamm embarked 1990 on a trip through east Germany. … read more


The World – A Book

27. February to 16. May 2016

Kiefer perceives an experimental character in books, seeing in them notes, something preliminary and intimate. His books are always unique and reveal a close relationship with painted artwork and sculpture. … read more


Arno Fischer, Evelyn Richter

29. June to 11. September 2016

During the course of the 1980s photography establishes itself as a form of artistic expression. At the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts this development is closely linked to the appointment of Arno Fischer and Evelyn Richter. "Teaching. Arno Fischer. Evelyn Richter." in the Kunsthalle of Sparkasse Leipzig presents selected final year projects of: Tina Bara, Christiane Eisler, Margit Emmrich, Hans-Jörg Franke, Grzegorz Fudala, Frank Gaudlitz, Markus Hawlik, Reinhard Hentze, Bertram Kober, Wieland Krause, Werner Lieberknecht, Susanne Müller, Peter Oehlmann, Michael Scheffer, Maria Sewcz, Klaus-Dieter Sonntag, Uwe Walter, Marion Wenzel, Harf Zimmermann … read more

CREDO – Church In the GDR

Harald Kirschner

22. May to 28. August 2016

Traditional celebrations, pilgrimages, jubilees, Catholic congresses, congregational life and ecumenical practices form the backbone of this exhibition. Kirschner developed his own language of images in the GDR, in which his artistic work focuses on human beings and their portraits. … read more


12. March to 15. May 2016

Imi Knoebel’s work group ‘Red Yellow Blue’ from 1993 is made up of fifty-four large-scale silkscreen prints and is an important conceptual foundation for Knoebel’s design of the acquire-loft window in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame … read more


Capturing time

3. July to 3. October 2016

An exhibition of the Evelyn Richter Archive of the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig. For the first time in a museum exhibition, the three photographers Ursula Arnold (1929-2012), Arno Fischer (1927-2011) and Evelyn Richter (*1930) are being presented together, with a representative selection of their extensive bodies of work displayed in relation to one another. Commonalities and differences become apparent, together with the respectively specific approaches. … read more